Where About Now develops trips which turn geographical space into mind space. We interact with places as if we live there temporarily – through culture, through subject matter, through time. Those who join us will become part of each city’s own story.

We offer:


Every trip provides diverse and contrasting elements with which to make new discoveries. We incorporate thoughtful approaches, aesthetic pleasure and personal fulfillment, all arranged to encourage a deeper understanding of the world and our place therein.


The visual experience of a place through its art enables us to sharpen our vision and gain a more intuitive, abstract view into the subjects our travels relate to. We always start and sometimes end with an inquiry towards cultural understanding, which then leads back to a certain art historical theme and forth to a contemporary phenomenon.


Perceptions and experiences are actively acquired through workshops, talks and private meetings with creatives, experts and other fellow explorers who will share both personal views and local perspectives.


Travelers are invited to make their own social network, viewpoints and insights part of the collective journey. Be it taking over a farmhouse kitchen, cooking dinner for the group, or giving a lecture on an interesting phenomenon along the route. We welcome you to become part of it yourself.


Small travel groups (max. 15 participants) create a personal atmosphere, encouraging everyone to engage and communicate with each other and feel they are part of a community.


Before each trip, participants will receive a ‘reader’ containing in-depth
contextual information about their destination, allowing them to prepare for their trip and dig a little deeper in regards to their location.


Our online magazine offers background information on our trips and our network of collaborators and hosts. In addition, it conveys WAN'S essential features and outlines our approach to art in travel and travel in art.

Where About Now has a free monthly update. Want to be part of our community? Go ahead and sign up — you can always end your subscription if you are not satisfied with your experience.