Where About Now combines specific art travel offers with sophisticated inspiration in our online journal. Thus, it offers an USP and occupies a niche with potential for growth, since there is a trend towards more demand for holistic experiences with an individual approach. It focuses on the integration of art and is geared towards a target group for which the appreciation of art is a self-evident part of life. Yet, it also aims to introduce people with a strong interest and no experience to art and culture. The multimedia platform explicitly departs from the term "travel agency", since the format is subjectively shaped and is an individual offer with a direct and personal connection between all participants (organizers, guides and hosts, customers, partners).

We work with locals including artists, creatives, curators and experts, as well as explorers, students and chefs, in order to provide an experience as close as possible to the essence of the respective culture. Where About Now is the product of that collaboration: an inside/outside approach to a city for a diverse and honest insight into regional art worlds. Where About Now is neither a traditional travel agency – there is no pedagogical didactic approach – , nor a travel magazine; you won’t find bucket lists or hotel reviews. Instead, we dive deep into the realm of art and culture.

Our Travelers/Readers & Community:

More than anything, our travelers and readers are curious about connections between content and community. They don't intend to travel as ‘tourists’, but rather want to experience the culture as if they lived there themselves and feel a connection to the history, traditions and deeper story of the city. Where About Now seeks to provide a closer connection through physical experiences and the magazine, which arises when we see ourselves as global citizens, when we, instead of passively interacting with the locals and regional customs, become active ourselves while being respectful to the places we travel to. Our clients appreciate the intelligent, thoughtful program of the trips, the writing, the varied topics and the quality pictures in each issue.

Where About Now community members are open minded, curious travelers, interested in culture and its discourse. They are between the ages of 25 and 55 and spend their income on travel, culture and their homes. They were usually brought up by a well-situated family and enjoy monetary independence (partly thanks to a secondary source of income from parents / family). They have a high level of education, are internationally orientated and bilingual, and are characterized by spatial independence and cultural flexibility. The expansion of their own experience and knowledge by intensively practicing hobbies or regularly acquiring new skills is typical for our clients.

They want to have a certain guided framework throughout a trip, but only to get the right input, entertainment and experiences. The travelers are cultured, independent and critical. Most importantly, they seek an individual experience in art and appreciate traveling to destinations that are not on the bucket list of major art events. Furthermore, they want to delve into local culture by experiencing various facets, such as art, architecture, food, history and politics, which are often introduced to them via contrasting perspectives and, in a way, they have to develop these for themselves.

We connect to our travelers and readers by telling inspiring stories, before, throughout and after a trip and by actually spending time with them. They enjoy the intimate and individual concept of the programs and format.


We have an international network of contributors and are delighted to work with some of the most talented writers, critics, journalists, photographers, artists and travel experts.

Collaborate with us/advertise with us:

Where About Now collaborations offer intellectually stimulating and enjoyable, diverse and engaging multi-media and interactive experiences. We like to tell stories together, be it in our online magazine or on-site. We work with different experts, brands and organizations to produce advertorials and events.

If you would like to approach a phenomenon from its essence, generate valuable content and communicate it in a unique way, Where About Now can help you connect with an audience that is longing for unconventional quality content. Our travelers and readers want more than just visual stimulation, they want engaging information, in-depth knowledge, new ideas, and appealing, well-made products that tell a lasting story. We’ve traveled the world and developed various trips, while at the same time publishing interesting articles. We’d be more than happy to collaborate with you, offering the experience, the ideas and insights we’ve gained along the way.


Advertorial on our website 1200€ (plus 19% VAT)

Events start from 1800€ (plus 19% VAT)

Contact us for further details: collab@whereaboutnow.com

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