Where: Brandenburg (Berlin)

Where About Now is planning a trip to Brandenburg to explore the old and new facets of art and culture in the region that surrounds Germany’s capital city. Over the course of four days, will consider the connections between the area’s rich tradition in craft, historical ties to industry, and new developments in the contemporary arts and technology. Brandenburg also serves as a vital, yet under examined, agricultural and culinary hub both for Berlin and for the entire region. In addition to our focus on the visual arts and crafts, we will also enjoy the culinary arts of the area during our excursion.
The past few decades have not only been marked by a migration of people into the city, but also by an increasing counter-movement of people migrating out of Berlin and into Brandenburg. By dividing our time between explorations into nature and interactive experiences in the towns, villages, and cities in the region, we will explore these interwoven networks of exchange, both within Brandenburg and between Brandenburg and Berlin. By emphasizing the perspectives of the people living and creating in the area, we hope to create a dialog between neighbors and challenge the way we think about the state which envelops Berlin.

The excursion will be divided into three themes, corresponding to the three main days of our stay: NOW – current movements in contemporary art, THEN – traditions in industry and craft & WAY BACK WHEN – long-established architectural and political heritage.

Highlights include: project visit to a prestigious artist represented by established galleries in Berlin, introduction into a private art collection, insight to the ethnographic objects collected by an extraordinary woman from a village in Brandenburg who led expeditions to Brazil in the 19th century, a digital screen printing workshop, and a behind the scenes tour of a local artist colony.

Who this trip appeals to:
We have designed this trip to appeal mainly to Berliners looking for more out of their weekend escape to the country and to create an exchange between Brandenburg and Berlin. With our dual foci on art and nature, we specifically welcome both culture enthusiasts and nature lovers. Throughout the trip we will maintain a focus on dialog, exchange, and discovery: No previous knowledge is required and all are welcome!

Let us know: What is your perspective on Brandenburg? How would you like to explore the region?

While we endeavor to operate all trips as described, we reserve the right to
change the trip itinerary.

Where About Now generally recommends taking out travel insurance.


It includes:
• Accommodation in a guesthouse
• Two dinners and breakfast
• All transport during the official program on-site
• Sightseeing, guided tours, private talks, personal meetings, workshops, entry fees and art mediation
• The services of group moderator, concept and reader
• Sales end August 20/April 30
• Trip will be held in German and English


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