Culture Case

Essence of a place delivered to your space

Where: Your home

When artist Marcel Duchamp said that everything relevant he has ever done "can be put into a little suitcase", he was partly referring to Boîte-en-valise (box-in-a-suitcase), his suitcase art masterpiece, and partly to the inherent ability of these objects to compress our entire lives into a small rectangular space.

In a period in which travel should be reconsidered, the Culture Case aims to deliver the essence of a place to people’s homes through the perspective of art. The box unfolds like a portable cultural journey and serves as a haptic experience of a destination. With digital additions and recommendations, we aim for a holistic and long-term experience.

To be unpacked are: sensually experienced works of art, personal travel notes from creatives and local publications, materials typical from the country and original souvenirs. In this way, clients can temporarily dream of places and impressions, hospitality and culinary delights, art and culture, as well as cities and landscapes and plan future trips.

The contents of these unique, customizable and personalized packages will vary depending on the provider. Content may include: art editions, historical and contemporary postcards, written secret notes, personal insights, personalized recommendations, synaesthetic objects, travel ephemera, handmade and digital references, literature and reading material, nonperishable local flavors, scents, and more.

Marcel Duchamp, Boîte-en-valise
Where About Now Example Berlin, Photo: Lena Grass

The experience of the Culture Case arises from objects that are haptic, intellectual, sensual, surprising, funny, theoretical, nostalgic, and also practical. Hand-written or typed notes, ranging from historical anecdotes to specific details concerning everyday occurrences are written by local people from the creative industries: small stories that sum up the essence of a place. Unexpected, perhaps, but very representative. Based on our own research, we will also recommend tips on-site and further reading material.

The Culture Case suitcase is an adapted and sustainable alternative to Slow Culture Travel. It supports local artists, manufacturers and hopefully, the wider visitor economy. The aim of our orderable suitcase is to make it possible to experience a place through objects: a real-life ersatz for the screen-based traveling substitute which has become the new norm. The ideas and cultural flavors of a place come delivered directly to your door.

The culture case can be created for hotels, art institutions, tourist offices and more. We develop this product on a case-by-case basis through cooperations and are happy to receive inquiries via

Header photo: Lena Grass