Tel Aviv & Land

Bespoke Journey

Where: Tel Aviv & Countryside

Israel’s (Artistic) Collectives

For this tailor-made example, we explored collaborative contemporary art networks within both the urban terrain of Tel Aviv and the Kibbutzim countryside collective communities.

Our client was part of an experimental excursion that seeks to take travellers to the core of Israel’s collaborative spirit, inviting them to move beyond its typical everyday sights. They participated in unique visits to art spaces and exhibitions in the city of Tel Aviv. Rooted in a group approach, one trip delved into a collective organisation that encompassed an entire village, while another took this one step further as we encountered a micro nation within Israel. With access to the private art spaces and institutions of the Kibbutzim, we took part in workshops that range from the visual and the applied arts to performance and dance, hosted and taught by members of their communities.

We approached Tel Aviv as a city defined by its vibrancy, with its old and new neighbourhoods comprising historical layers. Art and architecture students led walks that revealed the city from multiple perspectives. Continually focused on collective production, we experienced unique Bauhaus architecture accompanied by a talk on the ways in which this twentieth-century German art school was organised. Food was shared and nights were enjoyed as a group, and together, we revelled in the way Israel’s art districts are structured, with its unified creative groups.

The content focus served the goal of enabling artistic collectives to function as team building experiences. This experience was specially designed for people interested in spatial phenomena, be it architectural, social or political. They were excited by a socio-political take on art’s production, conditions of dissemination, presentation and exhibition. With numerous rural excursions, including overnight stays, we did a lot of walking and breathed in new sights.

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