Periphery to Heart

Art Guide Brandenburg

Where: Brandenburg, Germany

This art guide for Brandenburg explores the facets of art and culture in the rural region that surrounds Germany’s capital city by considering old and new developments in the contemporary arts. Through collecting various locations we aim to make visible not only the arts, but also the beauty and diversity of the region and encourage people to connect with nature. The past few decades have not only been marked by a migration of people into the city, but also by an increasing counter-movement of people migrating out of Berlin and into Brandenburg. By enabling visitors to navigate themselves inspired by this Art Guide Brandenburg and divide their time between explorations into nature and experiences in the towns, villages, and cities in the region, we encourage an encounter with the interwoven networks of exchange, both within Brandenburg itself and between Brandenburg and Berlin. By emphasizing the perspectives of the people living and creating in the area, we hope to create a dialogue between neighbors and challenge the way we think about the state which envelops Berlin.

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Made in collaboration with Figures.