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San Sebastian: Art Walk Along the Water

Where: San Sebastian, Spain

Art Walk Along the Water

Dialogue – Donostia

Where: San Sebastián, Spain

Duration: ca. 4 h

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This day trip will be focused on an encounter with local Basque culture, as mediated by the visual arts. Beach walks and river strolls will frame your visits to multiple public art & private venues. Your experience in San Sebastián (pronounced by the Basque people as “Donostia”) will delve into an intersection of natural and manmade environments, revealing elements of Basque history and how it affects the present. Where About Now would like the atmosphere and experiences of this curated and yet self explorative tour to reflect the character of San Sebastián itself—elemental opposites coming together in harmony. Stone meets water; mountains meet buildings; salt and sand meet urban streets. This spirit is embodied by San Sebastián’s art and buildings. We are fascinated by the opulent architecture of San Sebastián and its Belle Epoqué buildings, yet the city is earthy, seductive, and anything but exclusive—a contrast you will soon understand.