What I Offer

Where About Now – experiences and spaces in hospitality and art.

Concept development for places and spaces by combining contemporary art and hospitality by Nadja von Buseck.

Having grown up in a five-star family hotel in Salzburg, Austria, hosting has been part of my entire life. I studied the history of art, the theory of photography, and cultural management in Berlin, London, and Vienna, but left academia during my PhD on contemporary dance photography. After gaining international experiences in art and travel – from working at a gallery in Buenos Aires to managing exclusive culture trips – I decided to follow my own vision and founded Where About Now in Berlin in late 2017.

I specialize in the intersection of the creative industry and the visitor economy, aimed at achieving Slow Culture Travel – an approach to art and culture through active and participatory formats.


I uncover unconventional perspectives that transcend the major art world sights and sites. I develop art related travel content, hospitality concepts, experiences and actual spaces. I research on site and in detail to find unexpected and interesting aspects to learn about.


I interact with places as if I live there temporarily. I allow perceptions and experiences to be actively acquired through workshops, talks, and private meetings with creatives, experts and other fellow explorers who will share both personal views and local perspectives. I stand for an audience who are interested in the active and responsible enjoyment of art, culture, and travel. I build networks, highlight alliances, and encourage synergies between peripheral and central spaces.

Find Locations

You already have a (project) idea in mind, but you are missing a suitable space/location?

I will find you a space and location with creative development potential for a lively combination of contemporary art and hospitality.

Create Space

You have a space, but you are missing the right interior approach and furnishing?

I create for you a design concept for the interior that takes the story on site and transforms the environment into a tangible experience.

Concept Development 

You have an interesting place or space and/or no (tangible) idea for its use?

I develop with you or for you a hospitality model with a contemporary artistic orientation.

You already have a hospitality offer and would like to expand it by combining it with contemporary artistic projects?

I will work with you or for you on a concept to enliven your hospitality offer with impulsive contemporary art and artistic projects.

Enable Connections

You have a space/location and project and need support with localization, networking, and community building?

I support you to anchor your place and project locally to stimulate a discursive exchange in a networked community and to build and expand it.