Where About Now combines specific art travel experiences and destination management consulting with content creation. This unique approach puts us at the forefront of a major structural change in the visitor economy. While in the past, travel may have been about speed and efficiency, customers today are looking for holistic, authentic, and unique travel experiences. By working together with locals and insiders including artists, creatives, curators, thinkers, and experts, as well as explorers, Where About Now aims for an understanding of the respective culture.

We provide research and network based concept and content services that are tailored to the individual needs of our B2B clientele and follow the guiding philosophies of Where About Now. We choreograph the guest experience through active, creative, and emotional connections to local stories. Our work highlights and gives context to artistic and creative facets of the destination, promoting community-based resources and encouraging a different perspective on tourism.

The USP is based on a network of local contacts within the art and travel world and a holistic overview of various art and cultural scenes. In addition, we are distinguished by our unique – slow culture travel – orientation.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism and creative world, the art travel platform Where About Now - Travel Experiences Guided by Art is increasingly dealing with rural cultural travel regions and art at decentralized locations.

Our travellers are responsible enjoyers of art, culture and travel and curious about connections between content and community. They want to experience culture as if they lived there themselves and feel a connection to the history, traditions, and deeper story of the contemporary destination. They want more than just visual stimulation, they want engaging information, in-depth knowledge, new ideas and contacts, and well-curated experiences that tell a lasting story.

We currently reach about 8400 interested parties on our communication channels every week (March/April 20).

We have an international network of contributors and are delighted to work with talented writers, critics, journalists, photographers, artists, and travel experts. Our online journal offers depth and context on destinations. In addition, it highlights interesting cultural phenomena and embodies our approach to art in travel and travel in art.

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Very excited to announce that we have been nominated for the European Cultural Brand Awards 2020.
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Where About Now collaborations offer intellectually stimulating and enjoyable content and diverse, engaging multi-media and interactive experiences. We like to tell stories together, be it digital or on-site. We work with experts, brands, and organizations to produce concepts and content. We’d be more than happy to collaborate with you, offering the experience, ideas, and insights we’ve gained along the way.

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