Concept X MSM Group

Where: Winterthur

Travel in Your Own City: a cooperation between the Berlin-based art travel provider Where About Now and MSM Group. Join us as we travel through space and time in Winterthur and experience how the 19th century industrial marks are visible in today’s creative scene.

INDUSTRIALIZATION / DEINDUSTRALIZATION. Winterthur’s industrial past has bequeathed the city with an impressive architectural heritage, which today is undergoing processes of transformation and reconstruction. New flows of creative energy are taking over these red brick cathedrals to turn-of-the-century industrial progress. And while the clanking of the heavy steel cogs may have stopped long ago, their presence can still be deeply felt in the art and culture of Winterthur.

Together, we will experience these changing rhythms of the city, beginning with a self-explorative approach to the history of the industrial architecture of the city. This tour will be followed by a tour through the 12th annual Jungkunst Festival in the Halle 53, an 5500 m2 industrial hall, which was bought by the city in 2015 and is currently being used for a variety of creative, interim uses including the festival. Together with the artists and curators who put together this celebration of new creative production in the city, we will close with a casual reception.

Headerimage: Jungkunst